Natiya is an internationally published health and beauty photographer whose images have graced over a dozen magazines ( OM Yoga, Yoga Journal, and People). Natiya believes that while physical beauty is essential to the photos she creates, it is the inner beauty, and the balanced healthy lifestyle of her models that truly makes them shine.  

Dr. Guin graduated with her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in the spring of 2017.  She believes that in order to live life to the fullest, we require a tribe, a trusted team, that offers support, guidance, and encouragement at every turn. She is a mother of 3 beautiful children who are being raised with health and happiness as core.  It is her greatest desire to nurture patients with consistent support centered on their individual goals and based on their lifelong health and history.

 Natiya continues to utilize photography and art therapy in her medical practice in order to provide her patients with the creative tools to heal and to thrive.  Not only does she offer internationally recognized portraiture to her clients, she and her team offer nutritional, fitness, and self-care support in preparation for photo day!  

Click here to read about Natiya's medical background and offerings at Pacific Pearl where she sees patients as a Naturopathic Doctor. 


Natiya and her family

Alexandra Dusenberry, MS, RDN, CPT

Creative Manager

Alexandra obtained her Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness degree from Bastyr University California. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Alexandra believes in a whole-food philosophy rooted in mindful eating.  Her passion is working with clients to create an individualized nutrition program to help them reach their health and wellness goals. She has a blog, haveyoulovedyoutoday.com, where she writes about all things food, wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

With a strong background in blogging, writing, and social media and internet communications, Alexandra loves to curate content for the Portrait of Health tribe. As part of the Portrait of Health team, Alexandra desires to do everything possible to support clients in their wellness, comfort, and confidence every single day!


Molly Hagan-Actor
​Natiya creates a relaxed environment where the real you can be explored and photographed. Her playful spirit is infectious and it produces unique and beautiful shots. She has a way of shooting people in nature that is no less than stunning.

Linda Sorkin- OM Cover Model

Natiya is a beautiful human being and stellar photographer.  I know this to be true, since I was fortunate enough to work with her.  Natiya clearly saw something in me I could not detect.  She has this soft unique way about her when she photographs.  She was welcoming and oozed with kindness, which immediately put me at ease.  When she combines her soft demeanor with her acute eye for style, she emanates immense creativity as a photographer.  As a result, she captured just the right shot for the cover of April’s issues of OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine.

Brian markovitz- Owner of Human Touch 
Natiya shot some awesome photographs that I used for my Thai Massage courses and instructional materials. Her pictures captured the essence of the moment beautifully. She came up with creative solutions to issues we has in the space and with the light, and delivered amazing results.

Empowering you to create your ideal health portrait through photography, healing, art therapy, and wellness support


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What makes Portrait of Health unique? With her medical background as a Naturopathic Doctor and expertise in photography and art therapy, Natiya Guin offers her clients the bridge between the duality of the medical and creative arts world. With the knowledge of the body and movement as a yoga teacher, the inherent wisdom of how to treat the root causes of health obstacles as a naturopathic doctor, and the creative, healing eye of a photographer and art therapist, Natiya Guin of Portrait of Health supports clients in finding their whole health and achieving their vision on a photoshoot.  She makes your  beauty, empowerment, and whole-being come alive on shoot day and every day.

Being a photographer and being a Naturopathic Doctor are two of Natiya's life passions. These worlds are actually deeply intertwined and set her apart in the healing and creative arts space. Being a doctor makes her a better photographer- she uses wellness and healing to empower her clients to feel whole, nourished, and beautiful from the inside out. Being a photographer and art therapist makes her a better doctor- photography and the arts can be powerful tools in the toolkit of healing on a holistic level.  Adding to her unique skillset and vision, her training as a yoga teacher provides another healing tool and a vast depth of knowledge for how the body moves and looks- the key to capturing a beautiful image! Whatever healing and support you seek on a physical and emotional level, Portrait of Health provides the tools you need to feel empowered and whole.