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Deep Living with Dr. Natiya Guin 

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-Doctor as Teacher-

See the Deep Living page for downloadable support from Eczema to IBS! See our Deep Living homepage for more.

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Empowering women & families in ideal health through 3 divisions of the Deep Living Company

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-Share Your Strength-

It's time to celebrate you! Capture this moment in time for your family, your business, or to inspire the world!

Dr. Natiya and the Deep Living production team collaborate with health & fitness experts and clients who want to share their healing stories  to increase their reach through international magazines, books, and social media !

Preparing for your close-up?

Work with your photographer and producer,  Dr. Natiya Guin and the Deep Living team to look and feel your best on photo day and everyday! Consider her Deep Living skincare line,  and her highly acclaimed skin, energy, and immune supplement Skin Within.


Find out more about Natiya's healing work as a Naturopathic Doctor at Pacific Pearl here​ 

Note: She is currently not accepting new patients 

Consider seeing her trusted referral, fellow ND, Dr. Sabrina Koperski  who will partner with Dr. Natiya to support your ideal health for photo day and every day!


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In the Now

What makes  Deep Living  unique? With her medical background as a licensed Primary Care Doctor and expertise in photography and art therapy, Natiya Guin offers her clients the bridge between the duality of the medical and creative arts world. With the knowledge of the body and movement as a yoga teacher, the inherent wisdom of how to treat the root causes of health obstacles as a naturopathic doctor, and the creative, healing eye of a photographer and art therapist, she supports clients in achieving their health vision on every production.  She makes your  beauty, empowerment, and whole being come alive on shoot day and every day.

-Confident skin sourced within-

The Deep Living Family creates the highest quality vegan skincare world-wide in order to protect your skin and your health.  our standards follow the ewg guidelines and European standards (made in Greece!). Visit our page for products and more information on being empowered in your skin and whole person health!


View Natiya's images for Desi Bartlett's new book release Your ​Strong, Sexy Pregnancy. Cover photography and  images for the entire book were shot by Natiya!

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View Dr. Natiya's cover and article images for Desi Bartlett's piece on the Joy of Family for LA Yoga Magazine.